Australian Blackball International Federation Get Onboard!

Australian Blackball International Federation Get Onboard!

Onboard Sportswear Teams Up with Australian Blackball International Federation...

Excitement is brewing in the world of pool as we proudly unveil our latest venture – a dynamic partnership with the Australian Blackball International Federation (ABIF) spanning the next three years. Here At Onboard Sportswear, we are honoured to be the official supplier of performance clothing and branded merchandise for ABIF's international competitions.

Annette Grigg, a prominent figure within the ABIF, shared her enthusiasm, expressing the significance of this collaboration.

Annette Grigg's Enthusiasm:
In her statement, Annette Grigg, representing the Australian Blackball International Federation, conveyed her excitement about the partnership, saying, "We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Onboard Sportswear for the next three years, supplying us with performance clothing and branded merchandise for our international competitions." These words resonate with the shared enthusiasm and commitment to excellence that both entities bring to the table.

Elevating Performance:
The ABIF has always been dedicated to fostering excellence within the Blackball community, and this partnership reinforces that commitment. With Onboard Sportswear as the official supplier, players participating for the ABIF at international level can now expect to showcase their skills in cutting-edge performance clothing designed for optimal comfort and style. This collaboration aims to elevate not only the players' experience but also the overall look of the ABIF.

Branded Merchandise for Fans:
Beyond the competitive arena, our partnership with ABIF extends to the fans. Annette Grigg's words underscore the significance of the collaboration, emphasising that the partnership involves supplying not only performance clothing but also a range of branded merchandise. Fans can look forward to expressing their passion for the ABIF through a carefully curated line of items that capture the essence of the federation.

In closing, we express our gratitude to the Australian Blackball International Federation and Annette Grigg for entrusting us with this exciting opportunity. The next three years promise to be a thrilling chapter, filled with high-performance clothing and unique merchandise. Here's to a successful partnership, where every game played and every fan adorned in Onboard Sportswear's merchandise becomes a testament to the power of collaboration in shaping the future of pool.

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