Nineball World Tour Expands With Launch In Oceana

Nineball World Tour Expands With Launch In Oceana


  • Nineball Oceania Tour launches in partnership with Australia’s Pockets Sports
  • Minimum of four ranking events for 2023
  • Aim for Oceania Open to take place in 2024 joining other Matchroom major multi-table events

Matchroom Pool is delighted to announce the beginning of the Nineball Oceania Tour in partnership with Pockets Sports promising at least four Nineball World Ranking events for players in the Oceania region in 2023 and the first-ever Oceania Open in 2024.

The launch of the tour underlines Matchroom’s commitment to offering a fair and transparent system for all players wherever they are in the world to earn vital Nineball World Ranking points which opens the doors to the most-valued tournaments in the sport.

Pocket Sports is Oceania’s largest professional English 8 Ball Pool Promoter looking to venture into 9 Ball. The company hosts over 18 weekends of competitive and professional grade 8 ball and have over 160 contracted players, featuring players from all over Oceania.

Justin Sajich one of Australia’s leading players said: “I am excited that Matchroom Pool and Pockets Sports are collaborating to bring a world-class tournament to my home country. I haven’t played in a Matchroom event for over 12 months, and I am glad I now have one close to home. I know Arthur and Emily will put on a fantastic event that will attract top-class players from all around the world!”

Arthur Titus, Director of Pocket Sports is delighted to be moving into Nineball in partnership with the sport’s leading promoters: “It is an honour to be working with Emily and her team at Matchroom to bring Professional Nineball to the Oceania regions. Pockets Sports currently hosts over 15 weekends of professional 8-ball pool events and are excited to add Nineball to our calendar! This partnership with Matchroom will see Pockets host, organise, and broadcast four Nineball World Ranking Events this year alone and an Oceania Open with the aim to host at Crown Casino Melbourne in early 2024.”

“We are excited to venture into the Nineball scene and with the backing of Matchroom will see professional pool come to life on these parts of the world (fast-tracked). Pockets Sports are contract holders to over 150 of Australia & New Zealand’s top 8 ball players that will play in these events if given the opportunity. This is a massive step forward to player cross-coding.”

Emily Frazer Matchroom Multi Sport Managing Director said: “We are on a mission to expand and grow the Nineball World Ranking, and we welcome others to join our exciting journey as we do this. Oceania is a region with demand in 9-ball but with no local regular events players have a tough time to develop and being included within the Nineball ranking system.”

“The players travelling from Australia, New Zealand, and other countries to current Nineball World Ranking events, this collaboration with Pockets Sports gives them a fantastic opportunity to play locally and competitively, accumulating Nineball ranking points and prize money to then make the most valuable events. Pockets Sports have been integral to this launch, with a passionate Director in Arthur, I am confident this launch will be a successful one.”

Nineball Oceania Tour events will be open to all players with the four ranking events expected to fill up quickly. If you are looking to play in one of the events be sure to get in touch with us to order your Custom Jerseys with us ahead of the event.

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